Observatoire e-santé 2020
Bordeaux, mars 2019
Lancement du club numérique franco-congolais
VivaTechnology 2019, AfricaTech
ATDA 2018, Paris, novembre 2019
Castres, université e_santé 2018
Rencontres Affaires Francophones, Paris 2018
Sommet PME Dakar Février 2018
Abidjan ATDA, 28 novembre 2017 Ministres Koné, Ancip, Lemoyne
Paris ATDA, 25-27 octobre 2017
Abidjan ATDA, 28 novembre 2017
JADN 2016 - Cérémonie finale
ADD - Bamako 2017, Sommet des chefs d'Etat
ATDA, Paris, 25-27 octobre 2017
Digital African Tour, Ouagadougou 2017


Developing countries are fully benefiting from the positive effects of digital technology to meet the development challenge, particularly in Africa, South Asia and Latin America.

Innovation, digital, good governance, personal and cultural development are linked.

This site aims to promote the networking of field operators and economic actors who use the digital to develop and build solutions that meet the needs of businesses, governments and development institutions.

This site does not bind the French or foreign public authorities.


For the time being the part in English is under construction. Please use the pages in French instead


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