Plan 2018-2020

The plan is being developed by the French State services. While President Macron has given a strong boost to relations between France and Africa in the digital domain, the ministers concerned have trouble following, but the new version of the plan is progressing. To be continued. News as soon as possible ...

Plan 2015-2017

Developing countries face a number of immense challenges: one-sixth of their populations (and nearly half in sub-Saharan Africa) suffer from extreme poverty while inequality is rising and demographic growth is exploding. More than 1.3 billion young people aged 12-24 need access to information, resources and experiences to achieve personal and professional success. Meanwhile, the planet’s natural resources are being exhausted through production and consumption modes that are destroying the environment.

Given these challenges, United Nations Member States adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in September 2015. This Agenda reflects a considerable paradigm shift: the aim is to build a viable economy that addresses economic, social and environmental objectives for shared and environmentally friendly growth.

Digital have a key role to play in this new Agenda and will be necessary for its success. Digital technology provides considerable opportunities to tackle these issues by reducing transaction and coordination costs by connecting people; lowering costs associated with the gathering, analysis and dissemination of information; and facilitating innovation. The digital industry is an economic sector that is experiencing strong growth and driving job creation. It offers a range of possibilities to improve efficiency across all sectors of human activity, from administrations to businesses, agriculture, commerce, urban development, health care, education and training, media, finance and energy access. As a cross-cutting factor of innovation, the digital industry is inspiring new uses and helping transform established economic, social and political models.


France’s role

To bolster the dynamics at work in the digital economy in developing countries and help them to exploit the full potential of digital technology, expertise and support from industrialized countries – and especially France – are regularly sought.

France, is up to us to support developing countries in creating networks and a digital economy, link our cooperation objectives to digital development and diplomacy, and defend our values for an open, safe Internet.

This implies connecting public and private development stakeholders in France and French-speaking countries with digital players to help them work together for sustainable development.


Three priorities, eight objectives and eighty actions to move forward faster

This action plan capitalizes on existing assets and establishes eight objectives and eighty actions to speed the digital transition process of development policy. These objectives and actions are centred on three key priorities:

  • Supporting affordable access to a secure, open and multicultural Internet
  • Strengthening digital ecosystems and their potential to stimulate economic activity
  • Integrating the multiplier effect of digital technology into development projects and policies


Download the plan here (English) or here (French)

Please note that French version is more complete